Total Parenteral Nutrition And Enteral Nutrition

During critical illness like cancer, sepsis, trauma, coma and in major surgeries, patients are either on diet restriction or unable to take nutrition orally. In such conditions, patients deprive from adequate calories intake required for recovery. Aculife offers a complete range of parenteral nutrition products that meets the nutrition requirement of such deprived patients in critical conditions and thus helps in faster recovery.

Aculife product offerings comprises ready-to-use Parenteral Nutrition products such as Parenteral Amino Acid (NIRMIN), Parenteral Fat emulsions (NIRPID), Disease specific Nutrition (NIRMIN HEPA / NIRMIN NEPHRO) and Combi-packs of Carbohydrate, Amino acid and Fat emulsion (NIRMIX) to meet with the nutrition requirement of patients, as recommended by Medical Practitioners. These products are available both in glass bottles and single/multi-chamber bags.

Aculife also offers immunity enhancer L- Glutamine under brand name ‘Glutanir' in oral and parenteral form and ensures faster recovery.

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