Our state-of-the-art Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments are equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced instruments sourced from renowned global manufacturers such as HPLC (Japan), UPLC (USA), AAS (Japan), GCMS (Japan), LCMS (Japan), and TOC (Japan). These top-of-the-line resources allow us to perform all Pharmacopoeial testing in-house, ensuring efficient and reliable results.

To guarantee the highest standards of quality, we have a dedicated team of specialized, well-trained, and experienced quality management professionals. They follow rigorous testing protocols that span across all stages of production. Furthermore, our in-house quality control standards surpass the requirements set by pharmacopoeias, demonstrating our commitment to delivering superior healthcare products.

By leveraging advanced technology, expert personnel, and stringent quality control measures, we consistently uphold excellence in every aspect of our QC testing and production process ensuring high quality products.

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