Linezolid I.V. 200mg/100ml And 600mg/300ml

Nirzolid I.V. Injection contains linezolid, which is a synthetic antibacterial agent of the oxazolidinone class. The chemical name for linezolid is (S)-N-[[3-[3-Fluoro-4-(4-morpholinyl)phenyl]-2-oxo-5-oxazolidinyl] methyl]-acetamide.
The empirical formula is C16H20FN3O4. Its molecular weight is 337.35, Nirzolid I.V. Injection is supplied as a ready-to-use sterile isotonic solution for intravenous infusion.
Each mL contains 2 mg of linezolid. Inactive ingredients are Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, and Glucose in an aqueous vehicle for intravenous administration. The sodium (Na+) content is 0.422 mg/ml.


Each 100ml contains:
Linezolid 200 mg
Dextrose (As Anhydrous) 5% w/v
Water for Injections q. s.


Linezolid I.V. 200 mg/100 ml
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Linezolid I.V. 600 mg/300 ml
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